Our Story

Flying was born at The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design as a concept iPhone app for logging flights. Since then, we've been hard at work to get it into your hands (and ours!) and into the skies.

What connects us as a team is a sense of nostalgia for the way flying used to be. Being on a flight used to be a momentous experience; sadly today it has become an impersonal commodity. Our goal is to make the act of flying feel special again and, along the way, to bring some of the elegance and panache back. Check out the blog post to read more.

We want Flying to be the companion to all your air travel. From the moment you have booked your flight to the time you land, the app is a trusted partner. Flying brings together all the important elements of air travel to create something that feels right, works well and mostly importantly, is useful and indispensable to you.

And rest assured that we use the best possible data sources that you can can reliably trust!

Lovingly handcrafted by

And special thanks to all our friends who helped us along the way: All our private-beta testers!!!, CIID (for the kick that got this going), Vinay Venkatraman (priceless advice), Raureif (for setting us on the right track), @HendricRuesch (the grand networker and beta tester), @martinr_vienna (iOS Development), @misc_at (hardcore beta-testing), Karin Botta (copy ninja), Michael Uffenbeck (iOS code help on the moon visualization), @smi (startup consulting), Benjamin Fritsch (Backend Development) and of course our families and friends for being so understanding :-)


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We also packaged a Press kit for you to download.